’Tis the Season(al Affective Disorder)

John Blesso
6 min readDec 4, 2022

Why the Holiday Season and Winter is a Time for Me to Cope

There is a sign, on southbound Route 9D in Beacon, that features a Brad Pitt-looking Joseph tending to a post-partum Mary and Baby Jesus that says, “Keep Christ in Christmas.” That sign is perhaps a byproduct of a certain cable news channel’s once white-hot “War on Christmas,” a nonmilitary campaign still fueling the fantasy among its fear-based, geriatric viewers that dark, secular forces aim to degrade Christmas and strip it of its true spirit. Meanwhile this bogus “war” ultimately just moves Buicks and…

John Blesso

John Blesso is a writer, performer and builder fascinated by food, politics, and our collective refusal to stop doing crazy dumb shit. He lives in Beacon, NY.